try it tuesday: bonnet 2.0

well, i did it again.  here i am posting try it tuesday on wednesday.  guess that might happen more then i would like but i will just do what i can do when i can do it.  know what i mean?  

bonnet 2.0

i came across this bonnet tutorial from made by petchy (who also has a few other *awesome* tutorials that you will probably see me attempt!) and thought i would give it a try.  i liked the fact that it was sized bigger (2-4t) so both the girls could wear it.   and as i said, i will post my project whether it turned out or not and this one went fairly well.  i had to change it from the pattern just a wee bit, but i will get there.....

after printing out the pattern from made by petchy i had to resize it.... one would think that would be easy but it took me a while to get it right... so after a few tries and a few papers put in the recycler, i finally found the right size (which for me was at 150%). after i taped the pattern together, i got cutting. 

step two was pinning and sewing each side.  as i said, i am very new to sewing and it was a bit tricky to pin on a curve, but by the fourth seam i had it figured out.

once both the sides were sewn it was time to sew the two sides together.  so with right sides facing, i lined up the edges, pinned, and sewed.  i left a couple of inches at the bottom of the bonnet in order to turn right side out after sewing. 
 and this is where i had to veer off the pattern a bit.  not sure what i did when cutting (maybe it was because it was waaay past my bedtime or after a glass of wine) but my fabric got all wonky around the "brim" of the bonnet.  one side was a lot longer then the other.  you will notice on the bonnet that petchy made there is an adorable little brim.  yeah, mine doesn't have that.  instead i sewed across the brim to make a straight seam and then snipped off the extra fabric.

 before turning i used the pinking sheers around the edges.....

and then for some reason, well actually i do know the reason.... and then my beautiful 3-year-old daughter took my camera hostage so i don't have any photos of the rest of my project in action but it looks pretty identical to bonnet 1.0.   the only difference before sewing on the bias tape was that i top stitched around the bonnet to give it a finished look and to close off the opening ..... 

and i just might, just maybe, attempt bonnet 3.0 for next week's try it tuesday.  would that be crazy?  a bit boring with yet another bonnet?  but prudent baby posted a tutorial that looks awesome.   plus, i am a total sucker for ruffles.

until next time.....           


  1. This is seriously SOOO cute!!! I love that you posted this. Baby bonnets are so in right now! Thanks so much for linking up with Baby Week at Oopsey Daisy!


  2. I love this! I am featuring it on Favorite Things Friday. Stop by if you would like a featured button!

  3. i love the bonnet but somehow i don't know how to pieced the pattern since 150% is way too big for only one page.
    could you guide me through the step you did in you print setting so i can do what you did to the right size for your bonnet?