o time, time, wherefore art thou time?

time is like a handful of sand ... 
the tighter you grasp it, the faster it runs through your fingers



so, i am a bit upset with myself.  okay, not just a bit, but quite a bit.  it has been way too long since my last post .... and my sewing machine has collected too much dust.  i have no idea where the summer has gone. oh wait, i do.  kids, husband, family, house, cook, swim, clean, sports, camp, park, laundry, eat, sleep.  and really, i could have just stopped at kids, right?  

this summer has been more busy then i had ever hoped or wanted.  between everything i haven't had much time to put towards DILLYdally.  but if i play my cards right this fall, i just might get about two hours of me time in the afternoon three days a week.  not a lot, but the most i will have had in a loooong, long time.  my middlest is headed to afternoon preschool and my oldest is headed to kindergarten (and all day kindergarten at that!).  i just can't believe it.  i go through waves of being beyond ready to see him off to school and waves where i wish i could have my baby boy back.  like everyone says, it goes so fast.  

so maybe my thought about time today isn't so much about where the summer has gone, but where have the last six years gone?  i must have blinked.  

until next time....


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  1. This summer has flown past. I'm so glad you get that time to yourself this fall.