mindless monday: hiatus

hiatus |hīˈātəs|noun ( pl. -tuses ) [usu. in sing. ]a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process
i took a bit of a hiatus last week.  the mister and i decided to take some time to DILLYdally ... just us ... sans kids.  we celebrated our tenth anniversary this past week and after dropping our beauties off with those that were going to love, feed and water them while we were away, we took a week long vacation up to northern minnesota.  aka the "north shore".  
and if there were ever a small town that would make me want to stick a for sale sign in the front yard, pack it up and move to a seemingly more simple life, it would be grand marais, mn.  loved it there and hope to hold on to the peace and tranquility that this picturesque town seems to give to its weary travelers ... especially on the days when peace and tranquility can be a wee bit hard to come by being home with kids.
here are a few pics for you to enjoy and hopefully inspire you to take a hiatus of your own.  a huge thank you to nana, papa, gp, grandma, and grandpa for keeping the littles safe and sound.... so that their parents could be gone with peace of mind.  


until next time....


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  1. Maren, you should also dabble in photography, you're a natural talent!